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The loving and peaceful factors of Elune

The loving and peaceful factors of Elune

Maiev Shadowsong was only a participant of Sisterhood of Elune before the War of the Ancients broke out in WOW, while her sibling, Jarod, had become a leader of Suramar Guard. Actually, the Shadowsong family members had no elegant blood flow, so both of them earned their positions through ability and effort.During the battle, the innovator of the other priestesses, Excellent Priestess Dejahna was mortally wounded,Cheap WOW Gold and she hired Tyrande Whisperwind as the successor.


As a mature participant of the organization in WOW, Maiev was bitterly disappointed. Although Tyrande was only a novice at enough time, she had the gift of exceptional treatment abilities that Elune granted. However, she was not as knowledgeable as Maiev. In the viewpoint of Maiev, Tyrande invested too plenty of your energy and effort on ruminating on the loving and peaceful factors of Elune.During the war, Maiev sensed that Tyrande was best for be a preacher than a innovator. Nevertheless, Maiev grudgingly acknowledged the new Excellent Priestess and followed her purchases. However, she was surprised that her sibling Jarod was unexpectedly marketed and became the new leader of Evening Elf against the Losing Hord in WOW.By the end of the war in WOW, Jarod had been granted with honors. Even Maiev confessed his heroism though she had been extremely crucial of him in the last. But he was harm by Illidan Stormrage when he found he was creating the second Well of Everlasting in WOW.


On the other part, Maiev was enraged when she found that Illidan Stormrage had assaulted and injured him. Therefore, irritated Maiev went to eliminate the captive Illidan, but she was stopped by Tyrande. She told her that Jarod was still alive. The reality was that when Jarod was in risk of Cheap RS Gold, Malfurion came and caught Illidan. Later, Illidan was sentenced to jail time by Malfurion.

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