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The first phase is to finish the quest

The first phase is to finish the quest

To get to Miscellania, you can either: Take a boat from Rellekka, or teleport Diablo 3 Gold using your Band of Prosperity, take a my own cart, or use a fairy ring (code C-I-P).

The first phase is to finish the quest: Throne of Miscellania. It is a rather fast pursuit. To begin it, you need to talk with King Vargas in Miscellania. To finish the pursuit you will need: about 45 rs cash , an Iron Bar, some Records, a pickaxe, a woodcutting axe, harpoon and seafood pot Runescape Money, and a Band with a gem in it. Male figures will need Flowers, and a Bow. Female figures will need a Cake. (Information from Sal's Realm) This pursuit will discover australia function.

Additionally, it would be a very beneficial if you finished the quest: Royal Issues. To begin this pursuit talk with Consultant Ghrim on the 2nd floor of the Miscellania adventure. All you need to finish this pursuit is a pickaxe and 5 fossil fuel. You will need to beat a stage 149 sea reptile . The Sea Snake only uses melee. Carry an antipoision and food accordingly. When you finish this pursuit you get improved sources to use for your empire.

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