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I have more concepts for nerfs

I have more concepts for nerfs

I really like how I can one hit animals on MP5-10. Its so much fun! Keep those nerfs arriving Blizz, your doing an excellent job! Look how much fun we are having! No task = MORE FUN!So what's the element in a line that just feature about all the excellent items and fun we have? I have more concepts for nerfs! YAY! MORE NERFS! I am sure you will all be happy. I just can't get enough nerfs in the encounter.. Wish the whole activity was nerfed!Ok so lets see.. I'll just make a list! Blizz will pay attention to me! I don't even execute the encounter and love trolling forums, so I got at least 99% possibility of them listening! AWESOME!1. Nerf all characters! We all want this, so lets jump in! For example, CM Wizards! I dislike how individuals put some time to believed into creating their creates, and I know everyone else does too.

So nerf "Critical Mass", take away *critical strikes reduce capabilities cooldown by 1 second* and substitute it with *critical strikes make a awesome sound!* I was considering you can randomize like 2-3 appears to be. Farts, Fun, and Infants weeping. Also, nerf "Frost Nova" also. Instead of "Frost Nova" cold opponents, make it so when it goes off, animals spend ice Way chilly and more fun to watch!This is just an example of a personality category nerf, but I think you comprehend. Make all personality capabilities useless and insane too! I don't like to execute anyways, so when I do, least I can laugh! YAY!2. Nerf Gold dropping! YES! WE all been awaiting this right? Allows nerf all Diablo 3 Gold from pursuit, falls, chest place, boss's, you name it, lets get rid of it! Also, make the suppliers offer you with "HUGS" when you offer products, so Gold is removed from them also. The only way gamers should get Gold is to BUY IT from Community auction House! YAY! I really wish this nerf happens, I dislike seeing Gold fall when I execute. Its always a little bit like 200-1000. Its disparaging to us because we can buy 1 MILLION for only .25 Cents! ITS AWESOME. Like I said, it seems degrading to see such a little quantity on the floor. I usually just stroll previous it.

Disgusting! Those who execute for Gold need to have a reality examine, or more like a Bank Check! and use it towards to buy RS Gold on Community auction Home. The adventure is so much more fun this way! WE Hate operating, its more fun and fulfilling to just buy gol vs discovering it.3. Nerf followers! We are fed up with them. They're useless to use. You can't offer them with excellent devices, so they just die and offer no help vs enemies. Why do we have them? They can't even bring products for us! Their lovers are frustrating too! Anyways, if personality class's get nerfed, we won't need Templers "Regeneration" or Scoundrel's "Critical Hit Chance" I know I am not alone, GET RID of these useless peons! Good riddance! Like the Templer would say "BY THE LIGHT, I AM NERFED!" YEA! Get him out of here!4. Make Community auction Home products more expensive! Those crybabies asking for product hats so certain products will cost a set quantity of Gold, are crazy! Don't they know, like the relax of us, that making an investment huge quantities of real cash for products on Community auction Home is more fun!?

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